Like all areas of our shop we are equipped with the best technology, our lathes are no different.

High speed spindles for those small high volume runs, and large spindles for heavy deep cut roughing. As well as a toolroom lathe for prototyping. Our big HAAS ST30Y lathe is equipped with a 15” hydraulic chuck with a 4” thru bore for large parts and heavy and deep cuts. It also has live tooling so it can perform milling operations to have one and done setups. Our medium sized lathes have high RPM spindles for long production runs. They also have bar pullers and parts catchers for long unattended runs. All our lathes have tool touch setting technology for quick tool setup and tool breakage detection. Also thru turret coolant to provide cooling directly at the tool tip especially on those deep bore and deep drilling operations. We operate with the best tooling in the industry, Carbide inserted turning, boring and drill tools. As well as devibe silent tools for long stickouts and deep hole boring. Which is able to hit incredibly tight tolerances in deep bores.

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