Armed with the latest in milling machine technology and implementation of the best tooling and software, we find ways to save our customers time and money.

Highfeed, tricordial milling, and 3D surfacing strategies along with through spindle coolant, solid carbide tooling and ingenious fixture designs, we keep cycle times and costs down. We have 5 vertical milling machines with a maximum work envelope of 30” x 84”.  We have high speed machines designed for fast aluminium machining as well as a CAT50 tapered machine to handle the large heavy steel parts. We have experience in hardened steels, titanium, copper, brass, aluminium, plastics, and exotic steels. We welcome low volume prototyping, as well as medium to high volume. With the right tooling and fixturing we compete with China.

We run lights out, which means we turn the lights out and go home while our machines keep running hours after we leave. With a text message alert system and a built in camera, We are alerted of any problems and can see what’s going on in the machine remotely. This lowers our customers costs because all our overhead is much lower in those hours. Also our machines are equipped with probing technology, which means we can inspect and measure parts right on the machine, as well as decreasing setup time. So while our competitors are setting their machine up, we are already running parts.

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